Grass Fed Beef

 For those of you cooking on the popular ceramic grills, please tone it down for grass fed beef. Grass fed beef does not have the marbling that grain fed beef has so there is no need to sear it at really high temperatures.

Most all recipes we see call for allowing meat to come to room temperature if you want rare or medium rare steaks. Most also call for rubbing with olive oil along with salt and pepper. The olive oil will help to sear the meat at lower temperatures and seal in the delicious juices of grass fed beef.

The sirloin steak can be tough if cooked at high temperatures too quickly. It may be oven-broiled on the second or third rack away from the heating element or grilled slowly (a little lower for a little longer, rare is still possible). We recommend you marinate the sirloin overnight and bring it up to room temp before you cook it if you are not using a slow cooker or crock pot. 

For those of you that want the grill marks like those in the photo we prefer to take the steaks off of the grill after cooking at low temperature. Then get grill hot and quickly make those beautiful marks.